Kategorie: Grabbenacht 2017

  • Band: Chordotomy

    Sunday Slam! Augsburg brutality delivered by Chordotomy. prepare for some intense circle running folks!

  • Band: Darkall Slaves

    there are never enough Brutal Death Metal tunes on a festival! Please welcome Darkall Slaves from France to the Line-up!

  • Band: Rectal Smegma

    Friday! Finally! Time for some brutal back door Gore Grind action, what do you guys think? Rectal Smegma is coming!

  • Band: Excrementos

    We are very happy to announce some good friends of us, for this years Grabbenacht Festival to you: The legendary Party-Gore-Grind Masters from Karlsruhe: Excrementos !

  • Band: Suppuration

    Here is the next colombian Beast from Bogotá D.C! Suppuration Brutal Death Grind.

  • Grabbenacht 2017 – Ticket Vorverkauf

    Ticket Vorverkauf startet ab jetzt! 2-Tages Ticket 23€ !!! limitiert auf 300 Stück. Shop: http://dev.infernalmusic.com/shop/ Wer bis zum 05.02.2017 23:59 uhr ein 2-Tages Ticket bestellt und das Geld überweist, bekommt eines der exquisiten, limitierten Kraichgau Inferno Shirts für UMME dazu! Bitte schreibt uns eure Wunschgröße beim Bestellvorgang in das Kommentarfeld, WICHTIG! – nur so lange […]

  • Band: Goregonzola

    Lunch time! The next plate is some cheesy Deathgrind! Enjoy some Goregonzola from Schweinfurt!

  • Band: Bactermia

    you already can imagine, that there will be no end of blasts at Grabbenacht 2017. And that’s exactly the plan. Please welcome mighty BACTEREMIA from Medellin – Bogota! Brutal Death Metal de Colombia!

  • Band: Sabiendas

    A furious Death Metal bastard from Recklinghausen will haunt the halls of Grabbenacht Festival 2017. Please welcome Sabiendas!

  • Band – Bösedeath

    Next one! Darmstadt’s finest Death Metal heroes BÖSEDEATH are entering the ring for a brutal bash!