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  • Into Darkness

    If you’re into bands like Immolation, Morbid Angel or Death, then we have something for you. Founded in 1995, the three dudes from Heidelberg, Germany will whip your f****** ass ! Please welcome: INTO DARKNESS live @ Grabbenacht Festival 2019 Tickets here: http://h2970990.stratoserver.net:9010/

  • Bösedeath

    You think this years line up still lacks a bit of skull cracking Brutal Death Metal? Well then we have good news for you! These beasts from Colontown (Darmstadt) Germany will change that. BÖSEDEATH  

  • Porn The Gore

    Happy New Year to all of you goatlovers! We used the holidays to clean up our shambles. And guess what we found? The next load of filth comes with the name: Pornthegore 3.0!  

  • Thank You

    Hey guys, it’s the last night in 2018, so we wish you a big party with your buddies to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one. We would like to thank each an every one of you, for the enormous support and promise to work even harder.   More bands for Grabbenacht […]

  • Scrvmp

    Next Band ! After all the sickmas shit in the past few days, we are proud to present you a freshly formed Crust-Gang from Karlsruhe, Germany: Scrvmp https://www.facebook.com/events/176990003156675/  

  • Bitchfork

    Zombie Cows from Outer Space are coming. The three-piece, will get you into some barn dance at our @GRABBENACHT FESTIVAL stables. From Tyrol, Austria @BITCHFORK  

  • Defaced

    Cheeeeesus! The next band will fire some furious experimental Death metal at you! Get ready for Defaced from Emmental, Switzerland!        

  • Public Grave

    It’s Wednesday my goats! The next one is a pretty decent slam hammer from south germany. Stage free for Public Grave  

  • Inhumate

    Boom! Our next Band will cause some serious riot in front and -of course- on the stage itself. We are very proud to have these Sickos for the second time after 2015 Live on Stage in Schriesheim. Inhumate Live @ Grabbenacht Festival 2019

  • Bowel Evacuation

    Our next choize are the boyz with the brown noize!   finest Fecal Porn Grind from the City of Kotbus. please welcome Bowel evacuation