Autor: peter

  • Defaced

    Cheeeeesus! The next band will fire some furious experimental Death metal at you! Get ready for Defaced from Emmental, Switzerland!        

  • Public Grave

    It’s Wednesday my goats! The next one is a pretty decent slam hammer from south germany. Stage free for Public Grave  

  • Inhumate

    Boom! Our next Band will cause some serious riot in front and -of course- on the stage itself. We are very proud to have these Sickos for the second time after 2015 Live on Stage in Schriesheim. Inhumate Live @ Grabbenacht Festival 2019

  • Bowel Evacuation

    Our next choize are the boyz with the brown noize!   finest Fecal Porn Grind from the City of Kotbus. please welcome Bowel evacuation  

  • Anüs

    It’s almost weekend! To get you in the mood we invited some disgusting Brutal Death/Goregrind from Sweden for you. Let’s welcome ANÜS  

  • Sucking Leech

    Next Band: out of the depths of Bavaria, Sucking Leech will serve you a decent plate of Grindcore, Hardcore and Death Metal!   EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! Best opportunity to lose some more money in these weeks of X-mas madness  

  • Party Cannon

    It’s Party Time ! From Dunfermline, Scotland PaRtY-CaNnOn will get you Sheeps, Whisky and brutal Slams, just like we love to party hard at Grabbenacht Festival 2019 Presale soon available!  

  • Begging For Incest

    NEXT BAND Are you awaiting the fist ? … better be prepared for the Finsternis that comes after it ! Ladies and Goatboys : Begging for Incest Live @ Grabbenacht Festival 2019  

  • Knockdown Brutality

    Nächste Band ! Dieser Name ist Programm. Aus der Wetterau kommen die Bleiratten von Knockdown Brutality und tacklen euch so tief wie es nur geht!  

  • Carnal Decay

    BOOM! First band for Grabbenacht 2019 are the swiss brutal roughnecks from Carnal Decay be prepared for more!